Overlook Hospital Oncology Services

Overlook Hospital’s  Oncology Department is looking for volunteers who can provide the following services:

1. Clerical duties including putting patient information folders together, inputting data into the computer and doing mailings.

2. Volunteer visitation with patients in our treatment center

3. Providing music in our Cancer Center lobby

4. Providing mind/body services as Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, massage therapy

For more information, please contact:

Donna Delicio, RN, MSN, CNE
Overlook Hospital
Manager, Outpatient Oncology Services
Phone: 908-522-5344
Fax: 908-522-2896
email: donna.delicio@atlantichealth.org

  1. One Year For Cancer, Inc said on February 9th, 2010,

    [...] The positions available are: -Administrative, data entry -Greeting and visiting patients in the treatment center -Playing music in the lobby -Providing therapeutic mind/body treatments The best part about these positions is that you get to directly interact with the people you are helping! You can see how appreciative they are of the hours you are spending on improving their experience in the hospital. For more information on these jobs, click here. [...]