Memorial Sloan Kettering Jobs Opportunities

Whether you work directly with patients or in an office or laboratory setting, you will be an important part of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering team, contributing and making a difference in your own special way. They are located in New York, NY.

They have jobs available for college graduates at entry-level positions. These jobs include Allied Health Professionals, Nurses, Physician Office Assistants, Reseach Positions, Research Study Assistants and Session Assistants.

Their Nursing Program includes collaborative practice in a disease management team, advanced practive nursing and a center for evidence-based practice and research. Below we have listed the areas of nursing practice they have divided the establishment in, and you may be interested in working for.

  • Acute Care Nursing: Acute care nurses staff 11 inpatient units, a Pediatric Day Hospital, and an Urgent Care Center. Each of these patient-care units is represented at Acute Care Service leadership meetings. These acute care leadership meetings are a key communication tool for all services encompassed in the acute care area.
  • Ambulatory Nursing: Provides comprehensive ambulatory care services for adolescent, adult, and geriatric oncology patients. There are 4 councils that advise and coordinate clinical practice and professional development within the ambulatory nursing department.
  • Perioperative Nursing: Provides comprehensive nursing care for patients undergoing diagnostic, interventional, and surgical procedures during the pre, intra, and post operative/procedural phases of care.
  • Center for Evidence-Based Practice and Research: The Center for Evidence-Based Practice and Research provides Memorial Sloan-Kettering nurses opportunities to learn the evidence-based practice process and translate research into bedside practice, along with the prospect of developing their own research. Sets professional nursing practice standards.
  • Informatics and Quality Management: Ensures the delivery of safe, high quality patient care by developing and implementing Nursing Informatics, Quality Management, and Regulatory Affairs programs within the Department of Nursing. Oversees the development and integration of automated systems to support clinical practice and business functions of department.
  • Professional Development and Education: Provides professional support and development opportunities for all nursing staff. Nursing education develops programs based on assessed learning need. These programs are available to the nursing staff from the time of their orientation through continuing education.
  • Continuing Nursing and Hospital Regulatory Education: Continuing education is a process whereby individuals can build upon previously acquired knowledge and skills. These activities may take place within or outside of the institution. Continuing education events are used to influence clinical practice and patient care.
  • Nurse Practitioner Program: Nurse Practitioners actively participate in the delivery of patient care across the care continuum and within a continuously evolving care delivery system. We ensure that nurse practitioners’ current practice standards are evidence-based and that their knowledge, skills, and competencies reflect current role expectations.

Sloan Kettering also hosts job fairs and career days. If you’re interested in a job, you can visit their job search feature that includes making an account and even applying online.

If you’re interested in learning more about what they offer, visit their job center.

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