Look Good… Feel Better

There are a number of volunteer opportunities in the current Look Good… Feel Better program. Here is a listing of the various volunteer positions;

Licensed facilitator
The volunteer will be able to conduct a basic make-up class using the 12-step program on a patient model and having the participants follow along. In addition to the make-up overview, this hands on session includes skin/body care, managing side effects in a non-medical fashion, teaching eyebrow application and answering non-medical questions pertaining to skin changes. Volunteer should have excellent presentation skills. Time commitment for this position is generally 3 hours per session.

  • All tentative volunteers must have an in person meeting with the ACS staff as well as complete an application form
  • All tentative volunteers, once completing an application form and in person meeting, must observe a LGFB patient session before attending the three-hour orientation/training session.
  • A three hour orientation/training class is required for all new licensed volunteers
  • A make-up class given by a make-up artist is available for any licensed volunteer who has little or no make-up artist experience.

This volunteer has to be comfortable in wig styling, sizing (knowledge of tabs in back of wig), tones, colorizing, types (synthetic, human, blends), and maintenance. Turban and scarving techniques are important to be able to demonstrate. Scarf video on loan for demonstration purposes. Time commitment for this position is generally 3 hours per session.

Volunteer Coordinator
This volunteer would be able to personally visit local hospitals and oncology offices to distribute invitations, and promote the program. The volunteer would organize the sessions, contact the volunteer facilitators who would be hosting the session, and confirm all participants. This volunteer would be in constant contact with the ACS unit staff.

Promotional/ Public Relations Volunteer
This volunteer position involves promoting the program to the medical community who will in turn make referrals to their patients. The volunteers need to be available during the regular business day (9-5), comfortable in going into oncology offices and speaking to the physicians, office managers, or head nurses. The volunteer will go into oncology offices or hospital settings to hand deliver invitations to upcoming programs. This position includes writing press releases and sending them to local newspapers as well as cable TV. Public speaking, journalism, advertising background a plus. Time commitment for this position is generally 3 hours per month.

Phone Volunteer
This volunteer’s responsibility involves confirming participants who have called the ACS unit and registered for a specific program. The calls could be made from the unit office or the volunteers’ home, 1 day before the session. Time commitment for this position is ½ hour per session.

Program Volunteer
This volunteer position involves attending an actual program in the hospital setting or elsewhere. The volunteer needs to be at the program location 45 minutes before the scheduled program is to begin. The volunteer is responsible for getting the make-up, mirrors, video and other accessories set up in the program room. Welcoming participants, and giving nametags is part of this position.

Helping the licensed volunteer in sorting/opening make-up for the participants once the program begins is an important part of this position. We view this volunteer as a “roving helper” to the licensed cosmetologist. If not licensed, you may not touch the participant on the face, or help with the make-up application. You are the liaison between the licensed volunteer and the participants. Clean up after the session is part of this position as well. Time commitment for this position is generally, 3 hours per session.

Please call us with any questions, we are here to help you! 973-736-7771

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