ONE YEAR FOR CANCER, Inc. provides an avenue for people from any background to help fight cancer.

OYFC is a new organization committed to fighting cancer.  We are a non-profit (view our 501(c)(3) letter of determination) whose goal is to reduce the time it is taking to cure cancer by utilizing the resources of all Americans. People from every profession are needed to cure cancer.  In order to accomplish this, we are looking for corporate and individual partners, experts, consultants, and funding to assist our growth.

All of us have been affected by cancer.  Anyone who is passionate about wanting this disease stopped can help.  Passionate people working in all fields can have an impact on helping to find a cure.  Bankers, engineers, scientists, doctors, teachers, contractors, artists, politicians, architects, cooks, philosophers, accountants, social workers, computer programmers, entrepreneurs, etc. – all have the tools needed to help find a cure.  All of us have valuable resources that are not being adequately utilized for this cause.

We’re here to answer the question “But what can I do to help?” and encouraging all Americans to spend one year of their life working directly for a cancer fighting organization.

Can you do this part time over a number of years?
Can you volunteer in your spare time?
Can you do this locally?
Can you make this your permanent career?
Can you get paid what you are worth for this?
Can you give money instead of time?

Can you make this a “Peace Corps.” type of life changing experience?


OYFC is an organization focused on bringing people together to fight cancer.  We facilitate your passion with job opportunities available within the cancer industry.  We will act as a conduit to connect your time and abilities with the cancer fighting organization that needs them.  Soon, as OYFC grows, we will act as a market maker for fighting cancer, creating new jobs, and accelerating the rate at which cancer is cured.  If 200,000 people working today can cure cancer within 20 years, can 400,000 people cure it in 10-15?

We are looking for corporations and individuals to help us get funding and experts to assist with our growth. If you are interested in helping us or learning more about our organization, please contact us via email by clicking on one of our bios below.   If you have any quick comments please write them in the box.  To read about the initial thesis for this project click here.

There is passion out there, help us harvest it.

Watch our PSA to learn more!

Gregory J. Redington, President, is an engineer, an entrepreneur, and the founder of One Year for Cancer.  The idea was conceived in 2006 after Greg was forced to watch his loved ones battle the disease.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and has made his living as an entrepreneur.  He is the president of REDCO Engineering & Construction Corp., in Westfield, NJ.  He is serious about finding a cure for cancer and his passion is contagious.
Ellie Mroz, Vice President of Operations, is committed to helping passionate people find a voice in the fight against cancer.  Inspired by Greg’s idea, she left her job as a teacher and now works full time for OYFC.  Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in October 2007, Ellie has now happily joined the community of cancer survivors.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and in Spanish from Cornell University and a positive outlook on life.
LeeAnn Modestino is an attorney, licensed in three states. A graduate of Suffolk University Law School, LeeAnn has a concentration in Health & Biomedical Law.  LeeAnn’s experience as a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma patient, and being denied payment for her treatments by her medical insurer, opened her eyes to the struggles cancer patients have above and beyond fighting their disease.  LeeAnn has worked for several not-for-profit organizations and is now a practicing attorney advocating for patients’ rights.