Welcome, Ariel!

Meet Ariel - OYFCs newest intern!

Meet Ariel - OYFC's newest intern!

We are so lucky to have access to great interns here at OYFC.  Ariel comes to us from the Union County Magnet School.  As part of their senior year, they are encouraged to take an internship at a local business that interests them.  I think this is a fabulous way to explore the professional world and to get real-life experience.

I am so thrilled to have Ariel here with me, 5 days a week, from now until June.  His interests are mainly centered on Web Design and he will be helping out a lot with our website – both the current one, and the new one we are developing.  It’s so much fun to have someone to conspire with about all the great things that are in the works!

So with that said… please welcome Ariel!  He will be posting from time to time here on the site, and he’ll be around to answer questions or direct you if you need.