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After sifting through proposals for the past several weeks, we here at the OYFC office have chosen a developer for our new website. With so many great options it was hard to make a decision, but in the end we decided to go with MSI. The project is currently underway, and we hope to have the new site by the summer!

Just to give you guys a taste of what is to come, here are a few of the things you will be able to do on the new website.

  • Create your own account to track the hours you have put in
  • Share your progress on your facebook, twitter, and other social media accounts
  • Search a database of jobs and volunteer opportunities

Twitter and Proposals

twitter logo

We would like to announce our twitter account! We will be giving  mini updates about what is going on in the organization in between blog posts. Follow us on our profile! You can also view our feed at the bottom of the sidebar.

In other news, we have been inundated with proposals for the new website. We have been going through the mountain of packets, binders, and folders and like what we see. Hopefully the site will be up and running in the coming months. Watch our twitter feed to see how we are moving along!

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