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OYFC has stumbled across a way for you guys to save big and pass on some of those savings to cancer research! For the next four days (March 18 – 21) GAP is running the “Give and Get” sale.

Check your email for their special offer. You receive 30% off your purchase, while GAP donates 5% of the total price to the non-profit of your choice of 6, one of which being the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The offer is valid at GAP, GAP Outlet, Banana Republic, Banana Republic Factory, and Old Navy.

If you haven’t received one of these emails, don’t worry! Ask your friends and family if they have because they can invite other people into the sale. We hope you’ll be shopping alongside us in an effort to raise money to fight cancer!

If you are feeling extra generous, shop at those stores online using Goodsearch’s shopping section and have an extra portion of your purchase donated to OYFC. Just remember to select us as your charity of choice!

GoodShop: You Shop...We Give!

30% off at Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic – Support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society While You Shop! Help kids like Matthew.

Gap Give & Get gives you a 30% off coupon to shop at all Gap, Inc. stores, with 5% of the proceeds going to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  In the past they have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for their organization.

Jennifer Donnelly is the mother of Matthew, an acute lymphocytic leukemia patient who’s story is featured in the Gap Give & Get Campaign.

Jennifer shared her story with LLS:

How did you find out that Matthew had leukemia?

Matthew was diagnosed on December 11th, 2007, when he was two and a half years old. He hadn’t been feeling well and our regular doctor thought he had a double ear infection. In fact he did have a double ear infection, but thankfully our doctor also had blood work done on Matthew, which ultimately determined that he had acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL).  It was devastating at the time, but in hindsight we were glad he was diagnosed early on.

Before Matthew’s diagnosis, had you ever heard of leukemia?

To be honest, no — but I learned very quickly.  I also found a huge support group of people out there who are willing to help.

How has LLS been helpful to you and Matthew?

We participate in LLS’s finanicial aid program and have also participated in The Light The Night Walk twice.  Matthew was also recently named the ‘Boy of the Year’ for the local LLS chapter here on Long Island.

Your son has an amazing smile.  He looks like he has a very positive outlook.

He does!  When he was first diagnosed, going to see the doctors so often was difficult and I would try a number of things to make it a positive experience – like dressing up in costumes. Well now, Matthew actually looks forward to going! Once when we were on vacation in Disneyland, he surprised me with “Lets go to the clinic, Mom!”   There we were, in the “happiest place on earth” and he wants to go to the clinic!

How is Matthew doing now?

Matthew’s doing very well. He’s in the second year of his treatment, which will continue through 2011.  We are participating in a trial.

A clinical trial?

Yes, again, before Matthew had been diagnosed, I didn’t realize how important clinical trials could be to treatment options.  I found out as much as I could in advance, especially about the protocol that was suggested for Matthew.  Now, I think of all of the people who participated in trials before us and I’m grateful.  If they hadn’t, I wonder where we’d be now.  Thanks to previous trials and the people who participated in them, treatments have improved.

Have you participated in any previous Give & Get campaign?

We participated in both the spring and summer campaigns.  A coupon was forwarded to me via email.  The 30% discount is terrific and knowing 5% of the sale goes back to LLS – even better!

Now, when I know of a business, like Gap, that gives back to LLS — I think, “They’re doing this for research, they’re doing this for cures, and they’re doing this for my son.”  It makes me want to cry because I know the true benefit of this kind of support.

Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your story with us and allowing us to feature Matthew in this campaign.

This is a win-win-win situation!  Start your shopping now!  You can shop online or in-store.  Enjoy!

All Gap stores in the U.S and Canada, including Gap, Gap Outlet, Banana Republic, Banana Republic Factory Stores, and Old Navy

Thursday, November 12th – Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Using this coupon helps support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Download this coupon to receive your 30% discount.

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